Color map issues with sequence of images

ParaView 5.10.1 seems to have some strange behavior when I try to visualize a sequence of rasters.

Here is the first raster loaded individually (results are as anticipated):

and the second loaded individually (slightly different from the first):

When I load the two rasters together as a sequence (for an animation), the first image appears the same as before but the second image is different:

This seems to happen only when the data in the raster is highly bimodal (part of the image is close to one value and the rest is close to a different value).

Hi @jdpellet

Please share your data.


soil_1.tif (5.3 KB)
soil_2.tif (20.4 KB)
I didn’t save the exact same files but the two tif images above show the same issue. Here are the screenshots for these files loaded separately:

and then here is the screenshot of the second image with the images loaded together as a sequence using “open multiple files with the cntrl key”.

After I loaded the sequence I turned off “read as image stack” and then made them visible using default colors/settings.

I think the problem is that your two tiff files are of different formats. If you load soil_1.tif independently, ParaView reports that the data are represented as 8-bit unsigned integer values in the Information panel.


If you load soil_2.tif independently, ParaView reports that the data are represented as 32-bit floating point values.


This explains why the file size of soil_2.tif is 4 times that of soil_1.tif.

Now the problem is that when you read the files as a stack, ParaView’s tiff reader (reasonably) assumes that the data format is consistent across all the files. So, it reads the first file and identifies the data as 8-bit unsigned integers. It then assumes the second file is the same and reads the 32-float values as 8-bit integers. The weird pattern you are seeing are the 4 bits of the IEEE floating point values.

Thank you. I used a batch gdal_translate to convert the ascii xyz outputs from my mathematical model to geotiffs. I will seek out how to force gdal_translate to produce 32-bit float for all files or try another converter. That should resolve.