Color transfer function: Unable to delete multiple start/end points

Hello, this is my first question on the forum. Forgive me if any rules were not followed.

So, I added new points to the “Mapping Data” under “Color Map Editor”. I accidentally moved few of the points to the start (i.e. “Data: 1”). Now, I am unable to delete those extra points. (I can delete any points between start and end though)

Any help will be appreciated. The following image shows what I am saying.

Welcome to the ParaView community! I can think of two rules, both of which you followed. 1) Be nice, 2) Don’t add an unrelated bug or question to an existing discourse post. You have done well!

Here are a few ideas and thoughts:

  • Since I can’t see your last Value, I assume it is slightly different than the rest. Anyway, Rescale to Data Range. (Little icon just below the menu option Source). Now, are the points spread out? If not, find out what your min and max is (it will be on the color legend). Double click the Value entry for all Values (1 above) that is NOT the first and last entry. Change this to something in the middle between Min and Max. Now, if you highlight the little control point, you can delete it (delete key).
  • If nothing else works, reset your settings. Edit/ Reset to Default Settings. Follow directions. Be sure to restart Paraview.


  1. It did not spread out the points. That did give me an idea though. I changed the “Value” in the table, the point moved and I was able to delete it. Quite some manual work but well. ( I think ParaView is checking if “Value” == 1 (ie start) or == 2 (ie end) and refusing to delete if so )

Like this

then delete point from here (del key)

Yep, that’s what I meant (but was unclear).
Again, welcome to ParaView.

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Much appreciated :slight_smile: