colorbar visibility using animation view

Is it possible to control the visibility of the colorbar using the animation view? How can I make a colobar disappear at a certain time?

I’m afraid display parameters cannot be controlled by the animation (yet).

IMO they should be, feel free to open an issue for it.

I’ll be sure to open an issue. In the mean time, is there any way I can access the colorbar via the Python track in the animation view? Maybe I can use that to mark the timestep I’m currently on, and then grab the colorbar and hide it at the appropriate time?

You can add a “Python” animation track and use any pvpython code there, which should let you do what you are looking for.

@wascott ping.

Here is the script:

from paraview.simple import *

def start_cue(self): pass

def tick(self):
  animationScene1 = GetAdnimationScene()
  animationTime = animationScene1.TimeKeeper.Time
  rep.SetScalarBarVisibility(GetActiveView(), animationTime > VALUE)

def end_cue(self): pass
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