coloring options in TTKIcosphereFromPoints in ttk plugin are changed

Hi, i am watching and following the video posted by the paraview and in the middle of the video, author add TTKIcosphereFromPoints filter and regarding color of the sphere, he select



but when i go to my paraview and click option there is no nodetype,


now what is my intended option to be selected in this case !!!

Thank you

Probably a version of TTK issue, but again a question for @Charles_Gueunet and @julien-tierny :slight_smile:

is there anyway, i can direct it to be ttk issue?

There is no TTK forum yet (I think?) but feel free to tag @Charles_Gueunet and @julien-tierny on your questions directly.

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hi there,

if you’re looking at the spheres computed from the scalar field critical points, then you want to color them by “CriticalType” (it may have been renamed from “NodeType” along the different versions indeed).

for TTK issues, you can also directly post to the TTK user google group:

I hope this helps.