Coloring particle by particle #

Hi, I am plotting particles in a flow – successfully.

However, to enhance the analysis I would like to color groups of particles differently so that I can see where different initial seeding locations develop in time – currently I have 1,600 particles all looking the same. I would thus like to color particles by the particle number range, e.g. #0-99 (black), #100-199 (red), etc. Can this be done - how?

(I have found that I can pick a selection of particles from the spreadsheet view – but when I apply the glyph after selection, or more than one glyph with different selection of particles in each, I cannot overlay the different glyphs on one screen.)

Can you advise please.

Could someone have a look at this problem please.

You imply that you have a particle number associated with your data. Assuming the particle number is captured as point or cell data, you can color the particles by this number. You can then edit the color map to assign different colors to different ranges.