Colour different sides of a surface different colours


I have a polygonal mesh (from .vtk polydata), in the shape of something like a cylinder for example. I’d like to colour the inside and the outside of the surface with different solid colours. Is this possible in ParaView?

Thanks very much,

Yes, this is possible. In the Properties panel there is an advanced section labeled Backface Styling. By default, the backface style follows the frontface. But you can change that to change the representation or to cull the back or front face.

The easiest way to get to these controls is to type backface into the search bar at the top of the Properties panel. That will expose the Backface Styling properties. (Alternately, you can turn on the advanced properties and then scroll down until you find them.) Change the Backface Representation property to Surface and then use the boxes below to change the representation. (The backface diffuse color is the most important one for you.) The standard color controls will now only control the front face.

Perfect, thank you!!