Combining datasets

I have a segmented ImageData that I want to recombine into an image, similar to this one of the earth’s core:

I’m able to cut the different segments into wedges using Clip filters, but I’m having trouble recombining them. ClipClosedSurface doesn’t work correctly in this case, which makes surfaces difficult. I can get a good look with volume rendering, but that doesn’t seem to work correctly with more than one dataset.

The best idea I’ve come up with so for for this is to somehow consolidate everything into one dataset, and use a highly customized colormap to make things look like they’re still different layers. This still seems complicated, and I’m not totally sure how to go about it, anyway. Does anyone have any suggestions?

What I have currently:


Not sure I understand exactly what you want to do, but one way would be to create a shape corresponding to each segment and interpolate the ImageData values onto them.

Please note that the following procedure uses the VolumeOfRevolution plug-in (Help with Rotational Extrusion - #6 by jmisedam).

  1. Load the VolumeOfRevolution plug-in (Tools > Manage Plugins…)
  2. Create a disk with a hole corresponding to each segment (Disk Source)
  3. Cut the disk with holes in half
  4. Create a volume mesh by rotating the half disk (VolumeOfRevolution plug-in)
  5. Integrate the volume mesh except for the core (AppendDatasets)
  6. interpolate ImageData values into the volume mesh (ResampleWithDataSet)
  7. put a value in Luminosity of the core volume mesh (Properties > Lighting > Luminosity)
  8. ray traced rendering > OSPray pathtracer

The State file used for the test has been uploaded. (201.1 KB)