combining multiple .hd5 files

I have several .h5 files referring to the same simulation. How can I combine them together to have the full simulation time in a single file?

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If I upload all the files and then I try to use that filter, it doesn’t show up.

Hi Valentina.

You mean hdf5 files? If so, and if processing within PV brings to no results, you might also want to consider merging all your data (sub)sets in python, with xarray, before doing anything in PV.

Python code for that should be fairly easy, I am sure.

Hdf5 files are similar in structure to netcdf (array oriented, self descriptive data) and xarray can handle that well.

You could code it in python, run the python code from the in-built PV shell, and import the merged result.

This explicitly mentions hdf5 formats.

Another option would be merging with cdo that, I think, should also be a good option to manipulate large datasets (cdo is way faster than python xarray!). Not 100 percent sure cdo can handle hdf5 formats, but if it does, the code would be a simple one liner and could easily do the trick.

Just bringing up alternative ways… There is always more than one way to skin the cat…

Good luck!