Common filters implementation

Hi all,

just a quick question. Are common filters (like clipping, slicing, thresholding, ecc.) already implemented in VTK.js/Trame/Paraview Glance?
I know that (at least for trame) it is possible to add new features, but what about interactivity? In Paraview desktop I can control the cutting plane directly on the 3D visualization (and then applying it), is the same functionality reproducible in web visualization?



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Some (e.g. clipping, slicing…), but not all are implemented in VTK.js.
Less filters (e.g. clipping is missing) are currently exposed in Kitware Glance (should be easy to add though).
For Trame, because the processing is done server side, hence by VTK C++, all the filters are available.

Concerning interactivity, there is in VTK.js a widget to control a plane.


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Thank you Julien.

Is it possible to add “special” interactivity also to trame, like the widget you suggested for VTK.js? I cannot find in c++ documentation (but maybe is similar to this?)

Yes, you can add widgets in trame.

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Quick update: I managed to implement ImagePlaneWidget for slicing but no interactivity is visible in trame via browser (while widget is correctly displayed in the external render window). I followed this example. I think this problem is related to the error !No serializer for vtkImplicitPlaneRepresentation with id 0000022344f93a40. How can i deal with this?