Comparative Visualization: Visibility


I’m under the impression something in the comparative visualization is not working as intended, but I tested with 5.6.0, 5.8.1, and the latest nightly (5.8.1-1454-gf84473df96), so maybe I’m just not doing it properly.

Shortly said, the “visibility” option of the comparative view makes the given dataset either visible in every layout or in none of them based on the value (0 or 1) of the last cell (bottom right) of the visibility table.

So, if I actually want to have different datasets displayed in different layouts, I use the threshold filter with the “Range (1)” variable. Doing that I’m able to show and hide datasets in each of the comparative view layouts as I wish.

Anyone also experiences this behavior?

Example with “visibility”

Example with “threshold”

Indeed, visibility was not intended to controllable across views the way you’re wanting. Using another filter to achieve the same, as you do is perhaps a reasonable workaround.

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Hello @utkarsh.ayachit,
I’m having the same problem but can’t do this workaround because I’m working with raster.
I want to display 2 different rasters in the comparative view but I’m enable choose which data put in separated comparative views.
I have the same impression that @Louis, it seems that “comparative view” mode have been built in order to do that task but it’s not working.
Thanks in advance, Frank