Compare Geometries

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I have vtk files representing the interface of two-phase simulations (openFoam) and want to compare their geometric parameters. What I hope to see is a reprensentation of their difference over time (video).

So far everything I found was only useable on two datasets with the same underlying geometrie.
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You could try to use Resample with Dataset to resample the data arrays from one dataset to the other to get them onto a common underlying geometry.

Thanks, I will try that.

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I tried Resample with Dataset and it doesn’t seem to be what I need.
I do not need the difference of the field of my dataset but the difference between the geometrie (surface, mesh…).

Or maybe I just do it all wrong…
Maybe I should first create a field out of the geometry, for example with the Elevation Filter, use Resample with Dataset after and compare the Elevation? I will try that.

–edit1-- No, that did not work either.

–edit2-- Seems like vtkDistancePolyDataFilter might be what I need!

Thie code i tried for vtkDistancePolyDataFilter:
import vtk

I think I am close enough now. I can now compare two interfaces written out by openFoam as vtk. If anyone knows a better way please share.

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