Comparing Distorded mesh with Nominal mesh


I have two DataSets with different geometries, one is from the nominal geometry. The other one is from modifying the nominal geometry by inverting the displacements, for example, X_0-u_0. Thus, the new geometry will be slightly different, but after running a simulation I want to see if the displacements from the distorted geometry are enough to revert back to the nominal coordinates (X_1+u_1=X_0).

I tried to use ResampleWith Dataset but this does not work, this will only give back nodes that are equal. Is there any other solution? The number of nodes are different and have different position since the mesh is automatic.

These are my exact steps, and it does not work.

  1. Load the compensated geometry
  2. Threshold for active elements
  3. Warp the threshold of the compensated geometry using a scale of 1
  4. create 3 calculators one for each coordinate (x, y z)
  5. Use the Pass arrays filter and mark only the calculators of the coordinates x, y z that you created
  6. Open the Original mesh (the final geometry) and do the same steps 1-5 to the Original file branch
  7. Do the reseample…I think you need to choose as Input the Pass Array from the compensated and the source the Pass Array from the Original (is either this, or the other way around)
  8. Now you need to select the filter Append Attributes and select both the resample from the compensated and (using ctrl) also select the pass array from the original
  9. Then you can do a threshold for the vtkvalidpointmask using min=max=1…there you will see the valid FEs…but I am not sure if paraview managed to do the projection correctly