Comparing two datasets (with different sizes)

I have a problem that I want to compensate the displacements of my original problem by generating a compensated mesh, that
after suffering the displacements from a thermo-mechanical problem will end up at the initial position desired of a reference mesh.

To do so, I have a file with a mesh at the desired position as reference, and another file with the mesh at the compensated position that after applying the warp of the displacements
should match the reference mesh.

My problem is that I am using the resample data set, but I dont know if it is possible to project the warped coordinate results from the compensate mesh onto another mesh that is
in another geometrical position. My question is: After doing this proceeding, the vtkvalidpointmask = 1 are the points that were successfully projected from one mesh to the other?

My doubt is whether this is the correct procedure, because the displacements are very small, and visually difficult to identify, so I need a way to have the coordinates of the warped compensated mesh projected somehow into the reference mesh and be able to compare the coordinates.

In simpler terms, I want to compare the position of the warped mesh (New_coordinate + displacement) with the nominal coordinate (Old_ coordinate)

Do you have a better idea how should the comparison be made if not with the resample data set?