Compatibility between ParaViewWeb and ParaView from Salome


I am using ParaView with a MedReader, adapted for Salome-Meca:

Now I would like to visualize my results via a web plugin. First of all, my file format is .med, so I need to convert for a file that enables ParaviewWeb, my question is, which one should I use?

Thanks in advanced and best regards,
Luís Seixas

Are you looking to export the data so it can be looked at locally using a browser or remotely via a server?

If it is the local use case, you can export a WebScene from ParaView 5.7 and then look at it using ParaView Glance.

If you want a server, then ParaView inside Salome might be able to act as a server so you would be able to load your med file.


I want to display the results via server yes, not only local. But I would like to show the results in a browser so I thought pvw was the best solution and export my data file from Paraview in Salome to the website. Do you think it is possible? Or the best way is to connect paraview via server?

Thank you

My idea was to use pvw directly inside ParaView that is within Salome so it can serve the visualization to a web browser (client) dynamically without export or other web server…

So you are telling me to use a server from Salome, like it explains in the following link, right?

My question is how to configurate pvw for this application. I thought it was by importing the data to the plug-in, but with a server I don’t know the way. Do you have any documentation that could help me?

I’m not sure to follow, but since Salome embed ParaView, you should also have a pvpython inside Salome. Which means you have the pvw runtime.

Then you should be able to do something like that.

Ok I will try to follow your instructions and hope to be successful
Thank you very much