Compilation error when compiling ParaView 5.4.1

Hey All,

I’m trying to get ParaView up and running on our system. There are no issues with ccmake during configuration or generation, however, when I actually go to compile the code it fails with the error:

In member function ‘void vtkAOSDataArrayTemplate::SetTupleValue(vtkIdType, const ValueType*)’:
/gpfs/ParaviewSource/ParaView-v5.4.1/VTK/Common/Core/vtkAOSDataArrayTemplate.txx:453:28: error: ‘template<class DerivedT, class ValueTypeT> class vtkGenericDataArray’ used without template parameters

This seems like a fairly standard compilation error, but I haven’t changed anything in the ParaView source code, so I can’t imagine why there should be syntax errors or similar in the code. I have to assume this is caused by some errors in my parameters, but nothing I’ve tried has made a difference.


Edit: Just in case anybody is reading this in the future with the same issue, the solution appears to have been to delete the original source code, re-download a fresh copy, and compile that.

Seems like an incompatibility with the compiler. What compiler and version are you on?

gcc 6.0, I’m fairly certain I’ve compiled ParaView using that compiler previously though.

If you used git to get the source code, did you run git submodule update --recursive in the ParaView directory?

I don’t believe I used git, If I recall correctly I just downloaded the source off the ParaView website.

For what it’s worth I’ve previously compiled this code some time ago (with the debug flags on) and now I’m attempting to recompile for release.

Thanks for letting us know.