Compilation issue with imagedenoise on SUSE 11.3 and RHEL 6.10

I have found that on some of our older systems when the superbuild attempts to build
openimagedenoise that one of the files is giving an error.


is failing on line 33

  with open(in_path, 'rb') as in_file, open(out_path, 'w') as out_file:

at the comma. I have found a workaround is to convert it to

  with open(in_path, 'rb') as in_file:
    with open(out_path, 'w') as out_file:

and then fix the indentations following these lines.
I have included my working file that includes this fix. (2.9 KB)

This seems to successfully address the issue.



Joe, thanks for the report. Out of curiousity, are you building with Python 2 or 3?



You’re welcome. I am building with Python 3 for ParaView 5.7.0.

for ParaView 5.6.1 and below I have used Python 2, with Python 2

becoming deprecated by year’s end, I thought it was a good time to switch.



You may want to mention it to oidn and even make a PR there.