Compiling Paraview 5.10.1 with gcc 13


I came across the following bug in


ParaView-5.10.1/VTK/IO/Image/vtkSEPReader.h:34:12: error: use of enum 'EndiannessType' without previous declaration

in all cases adding a line of the form:
#include <cstdint>
in the above header files solved the problem. It comes about because in gcc13 the standard library does not include some headers, which therefore
need to be included by the code usind the standard library functionality, see Header dependency changes


Hi @gskillas

Looks like this is needed indeed, could you open a MR to fix it ?


5.10 has no branch to target with such an MR. Any problems with 5.11 or master would be accepted at this point though. Even 5.11 will “disappear” with the 5.12 branching, but it’d be nice to have it ready for anyone wanting to backport fixes (e.g., Spack, vcpkg, etc.).

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