Compiling paraview from openfoam package

I am compiling paraview for openfoam 8. After a long period involved with config problems, I got through config and 90% through compilation and linking. Then an error killed the process. Below is the information I get from “make”.

[ 89%] Building CXX object Qt/Core/CMakeFiles/pqCore.dir/moc_pqXYHistogramChartView.cpp.o
[ 90%] Building CXX object Qt/Core/CMakeFiles/pqCore.dir/moc_pqXYChartView.cpp.o
[ 90%] Building CXX object Qt/Core/CMakeFiles/pqCore.dir/moc_pqDisplayPolicy.cpp.o
[ 90%] Linking CXX shared library …/…/lib/
[ 90%] Built target pqCore
make: *** [Makefile:169: all] Error 2

real 16m22.100s
user 116m21.670s
sys 12m5.967s
tom@localhost:~/OpenFOAM/ThirdParty-8> dir

I have no idea what makefile this refers to line 169 of. I have no idea of where any error files might be. I also have no idea of what went wrong. Would someone see what if they can figure out what went wrong and how I might fix it. What follows pqCore build is unknown to me.

Any ideas would help alot. I will also get this to openfoam people as they packaged this whole thing.

Please follow this guide and note that ParaView and OpenFOAM are two different software. You do not need OpenFOAM to build ParaView and vice versa:

This is a parallel build. The error may be far away from the last output. Look for error output earlier in the log.

I have followed the instructions very carefully, I believe. Openfoam compiled flawlessly.
I have spent a lengthy period of time even getting paraview through configure. I waited for upgrade of opensuse to leap 15.3 (released 6/2) to get qt5 to get past the qt version checks.

In running ./makeParaView, configure goes fine now with no warnings. Compilation starts automatically after configure and runs to 90% as in the code snippet in previous email. Then terminates for unknown reason.

Per suggestion, I looked back through the thousands of lines of output for earlier ERRORs. I found no ERRORs but a dozen or so WARNINGs. Most of the warnings were about depricated-declarations and most looked to be about vtk files. There were a dozen or so, but all WARNINGs; not ERRORs.

I’m looking for how to diagnose the error that I put into my first message. Any ideas?

I do appreciate any efforts on this.

thanks, tom kosvic

As a clarification note: I am using the paraview packaged and distributed with openfoam in the ThirdParty tar file. Openfoam incorporates some special modules into paraview for use with openfoam and I wish to use them. Paraview 5.6.3 is theopenfoam included version. Else, opensuse has a generic precompiled paraview (that is newer, 5.9.0) in their science repo that does not contain these modules.

./makeParaView is the paraview build file included with openfoam.

Without the error message(s), there’s not much to be done on our side. Somewhere some command failed in the compilation which is needed before any actual diagnosis can be done here. You can probably get it by doing make -j1 in the build directory being used and it will be the last thing in the log.

This is an openFOAM script. You are not following ParaView compilation guide.

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Haven’t tried with leap 15.3 yet, but I have been compiling various versions of ParaView on leap 15.2 with regular CMake, the wrapped makeParaView script (from the version). The last time was even with the git version from last week.

Why do you want to compile paraview instead of just using the binaries?