Compiling ParaView on Mac with M1 chip


I am trying to compile ParaView on a MacBook with an M1 chip, but fail to build the GUI, the problem is obviously with Qt since I can build without it (and it worked fine on an Intel chip)

ParaView version v5.11.0 (downloaded source or superbuild)
Qt version 5.15.2
macOS Ventura 13.2.1 with Apple M1 Max chip

the downloaded binary works fine as well, are there any instructions on how to compile?

Thomas Theussl

Could you describe what is failing in the compilation?

well, it depends, when I am setting Qt5_DIRECTORY to clang_64 (which, if I understand it correctly I should) I get the linker error:

ld: symbol(s) not found for architecture arm64

which I guess is because the Qt binaries were compiled for Intel chips, if I point Qt5_DIRECTORY to ios which I think I shouldn’t, but mostly because of the CMake configure error I get then:

Library not found: MobileCoreServices

I downloaded the open source Qt binaries from Get and Install Qt | Qt 6.5 (choosing Qt5 in the online installer), trying to compile Qt myself failed miserably as well (and I want to avoid that actually).


Yes this is most likely the case. You’ll need the arm64 Qt binaries instead. ios definitely won’t work.

Got it working, I ended up building Qt myself using the instructions here:

I got some errors concerning some third party components, but it built all the libraries and I can link and start the ParaView GUI now. Thank you very much!

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