Complete source code for offline build?

I’m building ParaView (not with superbuild, but installing dependencies first on my own), and, even then, I noticed that when I build ParaView, it’s still downloading lots of stuff, even I built the dependencies that the docs say it needs (and yes, ParaView found my Qt, my FFmpeg, etc…, but maybe it needs more things).

I need to keep the source code in my archives, so that I can perform a rebuild in the future if I need so, even if the packages that are being downloaded change their URLs or become not available due to obsolescence.

Where’s the downloaded stuff stored? In the build directory, or in the source tree? If it’s stored in the source tree, can I just make my own tarball of the source tree after building it and it would be complete and able to be built fully offline?


Nevermind, found it myself: just extract the data tarballs at the same place, and remove all .sha512 and .md5 extensions from the source tree. Then you have the complete source and no network connection is required for building.

All this is only for testing, you could have set BUILD_TESTING to OFF.