Completely lost with "interactive" Clip filter in 5.12

Coming from PV 5.10 to 5.12, I am completely lost with the new Clip filter handling: I simply do not find a way how I can move the clip plane along the clip normal axis! If I “move” that new circle, it gets larger and smaller (but what does it even mean?), and if I try moving the center point, it moves only within the current clip plane. The only thing I can do is to change the normal direction.

Before you could do two things: “rotate” the normal axis and move the plane along that axis - and the latter was by far my most important operation. I am sure also the first question of my customers will be exactly that!

  • hover the white part, it becomes green
  • click in it, keep pressing down
  • move mouse
  • release

Wow - so simple :joy:

Looks like it is all about habits: I always used to “grab” the red boundary with the mouse, but comparing now with 5.10 I see: “grabbing” the white surface inside the boundary worked already there, while now it seems to be “the one and only”.

Thanks a lot! Must have been an easy one :wink:

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