Component naming in a multi-component dataset in Programmable Filter


How to rename the dataset components through the Programmable Filter (see figure)?
In this case, access to numerical data is carried out by commands:

input0 = inputs[0]
data = input0.CellData["S_bot"].Arrays[1]  
# This is a 2D array. But how to specify the column title?


You have to use vtkDataArray::SetComponentName, but it require to access the underlying VTKObject.


This you can get with input0.CellData["S_bot"].VTKObject



Dear colleagues! Many thanks for the help!
The final solution looks like this.

In this code, the name “abc” is defined for component 0 of the dataset S_bot. Here the vtk_index is the index of the numerical data array in the VTK object S_bot (this index may be different in different VTK objects)

input0 = inputs[0]
input0.CellData["S_bot"].Arrays[vtk_index].VTKObject.SetComponentName(0, 'abc')

Below is an example of renaming many components using a function in a newly created dataset

input0 = inputs[0]
vtk_index = 1
# Creating a new dataset from an existing one. Multiplying by zero 
# provides a deep copy of the VTK object and initialization with zeros
S_bot = input0.CellData['Mxx,Myy,Mxy,M1,M2'] * 0  
pass  # Various calculations inside an array S_bot.Arrays[vtk_index]
def SetComponentNames_Stresses(vtk_dataset):
    names = ['Sxx', 'Syy', 'Sxy', 'Sxz', 'Syz', 'S1', 'S2', 'S3', 'p', 'q', 'I1', 'sqrtJ2']
    for i in range(len(names)):
        vtk_dataset.Arrays[vtk_index].VTKObject.SetComponentName(i, names[i])
output.CellData.append(S_bot, "S_bot")

The result is shown in the figure above

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