compute smooth isovolume for htg input

I have HTG file of bubbles which are multiconnected, I would like to extract from HTG a smooth isovolume and compute each bubble’s volume. I tried this:

  1. Apply HyperTreeGridToUnstructuredGrid
  2. Apply IsoVolume
    but it gets a very stepwise result:

    Moreover, when I apply Connectivity2 filter, I get very strange behaviour - Paraview assumes each cell as a separate region:

How to make this isovolume to be more smooth and less ‘Minecrafty’?

Surprisingly Contour filter applied to HTG input gives very nice results:

why I can’t do the same for Isovolume?

Best regards,

@Charles_Gueunet @tgalland

Hi Evgenii,
What you are seeing is expected behavior. The isoVolume filter will throw cells in or out when the input scalars are Cell type variables. However the isoVolume filter will smoothly clip cells if you are using input scalars that are Point type variables.

Apply the Cell Data to Point Data filter above the isoVolume filter, and use the Point variable from the Cell Data to Point Data filter.


Hello Alan,
Thank you very much, that you gave me a hint how to resolve the problem:
I just converted HTG into HyperTreeGridToDualGrid it made my cells data into point data. and now isovolume works smoothly!
And connectivity works properly: