Compute velocity

Opening your state file it shows:


Which is perfectly correct.

which magnitude represents the average velocity of the overall slice?

The average is compute component by component for the U vector, magnitude is the magnitude of the average.

so the average velocity is 8.65m/s?

The average velocity is the vector shown, the magnitude of this average is 8.65

Based on the velocity slice here, the maximum velocity around 1.64m/s. But the average magnitude of the velocity is 8.65m/s which is much higher. Can you pls clarify? Thank you

The problem is not the magnitude, the problem is that the average results is outside of the range of values.

I dont know why the “IntegrateVariable” filter provide incorrect value. Looks like a bug to me.


I tried a few methods to do the average velocity calculation, and the results look alright for the individual cell, except for the overall slice.

Can i know what is the correct method to calculate the average velocity? Thank you

Hi Mathieu,

I just wanted to check in and ask how the bug fixing process for the velocity?


Hi Dann,

First you have to create an issue on

Then the issue is to be fixed, please read here to understand how to make it happen:


Hi Mathieu, I saw ur message under the issue category. can I know the usability is under which category?

Then I think it’s here which is the paraview support, right ?

You lost me here. What is your question ?

There is an issue when computing velocity mangitude, which I have stated in this post as well.

I want to know the correct way to compute the velocity mangitude for a overall slice. Thanks

Indeed, this is why I suggested to open an issue.

I did create an issue but you closed it.

Sorry about that, I did not realize it was the same issue. I’ve reopened it, lets hope someone picks it up.

Thank you