Compute velocity

Hi Mathieu Westphal,

I have U_X= -13.4242, U_Y=1.04534, U_Z= -0.681527, but the mag(U) is 556 in Paraview. Can i know how to get the 556 in hand calculation for magnitude of velocity?


Please share your data

here is the sample

Please share your actual file. (3.8 KB)

i will upload the files in separate post due to the huge file size

you can use

Thank you.

Which point have these characteristics ?

I sent you another file, as the above mentioned file is too big. But it shows the similar outcome.

I used the integrated variable for the horizontal slice, which gave me Ux, Uy and Uz. But the mag(U) in paraview is different.

Looks fine here:

Which version of ParaView are you using ?

Hi Mathieu, I am wondering if U_Magnitude is the average velocity of the slice?

This is what would happen if you computed the magnitude first for each point, extract it as a separate array and then slice. Is this what you are doing ?

i cut the slice and then computed the magnitude

Then I’m unable to reproduce the issue, please share steps to reproduce.

The function in the calculator is mag(U)/400, where 400 is the area of the slice.

I have a question about the velocity values of the entire slice produced by ParaView. Upon comparing the velocity values of individual cells with the overall slice using various calculation methods, I’ve noticed that the values for individual cells are similar across the different methods, whereas there’s a significant discrepancy for the overall slice. I have attached the working file below.

I’d like to understand how to generate the magnitude of velocity for the entire slice.

WOKRING FILE.xlsx (273.0 KB)

please share a state file

here is the state file

can you share the data again ?

here is the data