Compute volume of 2D axisymmetric data

I need to compute volumes for a 2-D cylindrical mesh of Cell Data, and I’m using V = 2pir*A, where A comes from the Cell Size filter. I can get something close using the Cell to Point filter, but that creates strange visual artifacts at the axis of rotation, probably because everything goes to zero there.

I found this work-around from @Kenneth_Moreland: Add the cell center coordinates to the cell data

Is there a way this could be improved?

The work-around has locked up paraview twice now, too, on the Append Attributes step, so it might not work anymore.

This is an AMR CTH dataset, if that’s relevant.

Perhaps something to do with an error I saw trying to apply the Group Datasets filter?

vtkMultiBlockDataSet (0x6a9bb40): vtkNonOverlappingAMR cannot be added as a block.

Note the blue line next to green on the left. That’s non-physical:

This turns out to be much more straightforward than the previous work-around made it seem. Simply create a calculator for r = coordsX, then run a Point Data to Cell Data filter, to get the axisymmetric radius as a Cell Data field. Then, V = 2 * pi * A * r.