Concurrently Live animation in Paraview


I want to visualize the results (vtk format) produced by an on-going simulation using Paraview concurrently. Is there any way to do this using Paraview? Is it possible to set up a timer so that I could write a python script to monitor and scan the folder for new results?


This usecase , in-situ live visualization, is covered by our tool Catalyst.

Do not hesitate if you any follow-up question.

Hi Mathieu, it is a perfect starting point for me. I will try to dig into it, but I will probably come back with more questions. Thanks a lot.

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Hi Mathiue, I have started to run sample case using Catalyst. I found some examples on the official website. However, I did not recover the expected reuslts. The “” and “” can run successfully, but the Paraview visualization did not appear.

looks like you’ve opened another topic, let’s discuss there