Configure or change forum text editor?

(Mark) #1

The forum text editor is fine, and writing markdown is comfortable enough as well, but is there any way to get a preview of the content (eg, as per the gitlab editor)?

  • This is quite useful especially when trying to embed a small code snippet.

    // Guess at the correct indentation, hope it is rendered in a block
    int main()
        return 0;
  • With the incorrect leading spaces, it will be accidentally rendered inline.

    • Also useful with sublists in items.

Or is considered normal/polite to just re-edit the post until the formatting is correct?
That’s what I was attempting now, but also to see if my mailing-list mode gets flooded with every single correction - which may lead to another topic.


(Cory Quammen (Kitware)) #2

Perhaps you have the preview hidden. You should be able to click on “show preview” on the bottom right of the text editor to see a real-time preview of how what you are typing will be rendered.

This is what I see in my editor with preview off:

(Mark) #3

Ah, I see it was hidden below the helpful yellow side-pane, which I ignored and thus didn’t even see the tiny esc button.

Now its way it should be. Sorry about the noise, but also nice to test-drive the things!