Conflict between boost and las when building ParaView 5.10.0-RC1

There is a conflict between the boost and las versions when building ParaView 5.10.0-RC1 with the superbuild script.

las is looking for the file


which was present in the build for boost as configured by the superbuild for ParaView 5.9.1 but is not present in the boost build for the superbuild built version of ParaView 5.10.0-RC1.

So liblas fails to build with the following error as las requires the file.

Build_directory/superbuild/las/src/src/…/include/liblas/detail/binary.hpp:28:10: fatal error: boost/detail/endian.hpp: No such file or directory
#include <boost/detail/endian.hpp>
compilation terminated.

Considering that the las version 1.8.1 has not changed between versions 5.9.1 and 5.10.0-RC1 but the boost version has changed. I would suggest patching the las version to work with the new boost version and submitting the patch back to the libLAS people as the last version of libLAS seems to be from August 2016.

I found that modifying

#include <boost/detail/endian.hpp>


#include <boost/endian.hpp>

on line 28 of the file


seems to address the missing header but liblas then fails with another error.

Build_directory/superbuild/las/src/src/header.cpp:613:69: error: ‘_1’ was not declared in this scope

where ‘_1’ is a boost place holder which is not being defined or included properly for some reason.

by the file


which normally defines it.




I can confirm that this patch did allow me to compile las with the new boost version used by the superbuild for ParaView 5.10.0-RC1.

Thanks for solving this for me.