Connect set of ordered points with lines

Dear everyone,

I would have a set of 3D points in space (divided by unique Id of line and ordered by ascending X), which I would like to connect with a 3D line. Is there a way to use this points to visualise a set of 3D lines?
Probably a Programmable Source might do the job…

The structure of the points that I have in the source csv is:
ID, X, Y, Z
and ideally I wanted to connect the points with the same ID with a line

Is there a way to do so?

Thank you in advance

You can read your CSV with ParaView natively to load the data and then use a Programmable Filter to create the lines. You will write vtk python code to create a vtkCellArray, fill some vtkIdLists with the points ids for each line (id is the index in list of poitns, different from you ID column) and then create VTK_POLY_LINE cells.

Here are some examples of programmable filters.