Connecting array property from custom widget to custom filter

Hi everyone,

I am quite close to having an interesting plugin working but I am getting stuck at the interface of widgets and plugins.

I have a custom widget that is heavily based on the vtkPolyLineWidget/Representation generalized to an arbitrary polydata.

I also have a filter whose inputs include an identical polydata object. The goal is to update the input polydata in the filter to the (user modified) polydata represented in the widget. This amounts to dragging points around in the ParaView view window and ideally, those modifications will be passed to the filter via a vtkDoubleArray. Below is my xml file defining this whole contraption. the vtkMySkeletonRepresentation has a property HandlePositions marked as information_only. The command GetHandlePositions returns a vtkDoubleArray*. The filter vtkInteractiveSkeletonFilter has a property HandlePositions which I’d like to update with the array passed from the widget. The command SetHandlePositions is implemented in the C++ code for the filter via vtkSetMacro(HandlePositions, vtkDoubleArray*).

vtkInteractiveSkeletonFilter.xml (5.8 KB)

In its current configuration, I can manipulate the widget as desired, but the filter is not getting the HandlePositions from the widget. Currently, I am testing this by checking if the HandlePositions member variable in the filter is set to anything during a call to RequestData().

Thanks in advance for any advice! If there is any other information I can provide here, please let me know!