Contour filter for high-order elements

Dear ParaView-Support,

I try to implement the vtkLagrange*Cells into a high-order DG code in order to visualize the solution without requiring an extra internal interpolation procedure. After some problems in the beginning, it seems that I made it work. At least the subdivision refinement works as expected.

However, if I create a contour from the high-order representation, the contour seems to be linear. grafik .

Increasing the number of subdivisions has no effect. Using the tessellation filter improves the representation, but it takes a significant amount of time to apply the filter (with >4 subdivisions).

(nSubdivisions=4, not optimal as well as the solution is continuous)

So, is there an alternative way to increase the resolution of high-order elements in a practical amount of time? Do I miss some option/filter to do that?