Contour Pressure Plot - Chord vs Time

I have a program output file (in TecPlot text format) for pressures on the upper and lower surfaces of a wing. Each block in the file is a time step. Using python, I have separated the file into individual time step files that can be read by ParaView, from which I have exported to a .ex2 file (to save disk space).

Using ParaView, I can slice the wing at a spanwise station and extract the pressures on the upper surface. What I want to do is (1) create a contour plot of the upper surface pressures where the x-axis is the chordwise coordinate and the y-axis is time, and (2) create a 2-D plot of pressure vs chord at several selected time steps.

My solution at this point is to export CSV files of the upper surface pressures at the selected chordwise station for each time step. Then, a python program reads the files and creates the plots. It seems as though there ought to be a way to do this in ParaView, but I apparently am not clever enought to figure it out. Any suggestions?