contour tree generation

I have STL file imported in paraview and also have ttl imported and i want to generate contour tree and line in the mesh but FTM filter is disabled when i try to select it.

Can you help me guide what i am supposed to do?

I imported the STL file and applied smoothing TTL filter. Now i want to create a contour tree and line.

I am not able to do it.

Can you please help me

@Charles_Gueunet @julien-tierny

Hello @Pravin_Poudel ,

First question, are you sure that your mesh only contains triangle ? If not, you may want to use Tesselate / Tetrahedralize to enforce this.

Then, the contour tree is defined on a mesh with a scalar field. It seems there is none in your current data set. If you want to use the Z-coordinate as a scalar field, you can simply add an elevation filter, setup to use the Z axis. The contour tree should be available then.

Thank you for your interest in TTK !