contour with white inside

Hi,I want to make a contour map by csv data with white inside.
How can I to do that?
Screenshot 2021-01-28 131017

test.dat (573 Bytes)
Thank you very much.

The inside of your data is NaN, if you want it to be white, set the NaN color to white in the color map editor.

hi,Thanks very much for your kind reply!It’s OK!
Do I always need list the NaN value of points in the input file?Why?

I do not understand your question.

I mean that can I omit the NaN value points data.For example,
5 4 NaN
5 5 NaN
5 6 NaN

Actually,the contour map can not display normally if I omit.

Yes, it is needed to define the values, NaN or otherwise.

OK.Thank you!