Contouring qualities are different on same data with inverse sign

Hi ParaView,
I am tracking my previous issue Error in clip closed surface filter over contour filter (#22308) · Issues · ParaView / ParaView · GitLab ( And I found if I inverse the sign symbol, the ClipClosedSurface works as expected. Thanks!

However, I found the image quality drops when I do so. Here’s the testcase I used (testClipClose.vdb). The first grid contains singed distance with negative as inside, the second grid is the first grid multiplied by -1.

And I found the second grid (the white one) got a more zigzag edge.

Is there anything I can adjust to avoid this? Thank you!

Interestingly, when I use IsoVolume filter with (min, max) = (-0.01, 0.01), the condition flips. The second one (the white one) becomes smoother and the first one gets the zigzag edge.