Control of screenshot domain extent using CameraViewAngle


I am currently working on creating images of 2D cuts of my data using a python script generated by the Paraview trace functionality. My goal is to zoom in on certain areas of my 2D cut and take screenshots. I have figured out how to center the camera where I want (using CameraPosition and CameraFocalPoint), but I am having trouble controlling the extent to which my images are zoomed in. Below is an example of how I am trying to control this:

# current camera placement for renderView1
renderView1.CameraPosition = [1.0, 0.875, 1.01]
renderView1.CameraFocalPoint = [1.0, 0.875, 1.0]
renderView1.CameraViewAngle = 174.0
renderView1.CameraParallelScale = 1.3287683206614924

As best I can tell, the CameraViewAngle variable controls the zoom (it seems to take values between 0 and 180), but I cannot figure out the relationship between this quantity, and how much my image is zoomed in. Ultimately, my goal is to be able to control the x and y min/max extents of the screenshot I take, so that I can easily add x and y axes later on when I post-process the images further. If there is a better way to do this than using the CameraViewAngle variable, that would also work.

Apologies if this has already been addressed elsewhere - I did see one other post asking essentially the same question, but I didn’t see any responses, and couldn’t find an explanation of this variable anywhere else.