Controlling 3d unwanted meshing

Hello everyone,
I am using a CSV file to plot data. However, I am getting extra mesh outside the domain. Kindly comment to remove those meshes (outside T-shaped)

data.csv (74.1 KB)
mesh.pdf (2.7 MB)


You can apply Delunay3D Filter to the data with options:
alpha=0.070714, Tolerance=0, Offset=0, Bounding Transformation, Alpha Tets, Alpha Tris. You will achieve this:

In playing with different numbers or filters you will be able to remove the small triangles (I think).

An option that PROBABLY would work easily is plot data in 2 parts (load 2 sets into the pipeline). In that way Paraview will not be confused in the limits (You can try)

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Thanks @Sebastian for your kind support. It helps me to get according to my 3d domain.

Also. is there any method to generate the python script for the same action.

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Yes, because you can “record” your actions in Paraview (like recording a macro in excel) to Python. Or generate your own scripts in the window.

Check Cyprien Rusu channel in Youtube, video " Paraview Tutorial 11 Automating Paraview Tasks with Python Script"