Convert UnstructuredGrid (*.vtu) to ImageData (*.vti)

How does one convert an UnstructuredGrid (*.vtu) file to ImageData (*.vti)? Is there a resampling filter I can use?


@mwestphal When I use this, I get a blank outline and no surface or volume.

FYI, my input data to ResampleToImage is an isosurface (generated with Contour filter) that I then box clipped some portions out, which turned my origina lmageData to UnstructuredGrid.

RessampleToImage is bad with surfaces, try GaussianRessampling instead.

That doesn’t seem to work either :frowning_face:

Please share your data.

@mwestphal I’m unable to share my data at this moment, but I am having our company establish and NDA so I can share data.