converting Abaqus .odb to .vtk files

Hi all,

I am working on writing a python script to convert Abaqus .odb to .vtk (StructuredGrid), but still in stuck without success. When run the script in Abaqus, it produces .vtk, but an error comes up when import to ParaView. I know something is wrong, but don’t know how to fix it. Here is a screenshot showing an error.

Actually, I have own script to convert .odb to .vtu file (UnstructuredGrid), it works well.

Please check it (6.5 KB) python script is attached.

I am interested to convert .odb to .vtk could you please help me

can anyone help me as I don’t have any idea about python or MatLab

I am also interested to know whether can we visualize .odb file directly into paraview