convertIntoMolecule Filter resets Styling parameters

Hey folks,

I am using the convertIntoMolecule Filter to render Particles in v.5.8.0. Therefore I set in my macro the Styling parameter AtomicRadiusArrayName=‘my_array_name’.
But every time the parameter is not accepted without any error and set to ‘Atomic Radius’.
Also when the object was hidden and again activated the Styling parameters are reset to defaults.
So I have to fix it manually which can be very annoying.

I hope this can be fixed in a future release.


Can you share a dataset ?

FYI : @nicolas.vuaille

Thanks for reporting!

From what I try, it seems that the property is correctly applied, but the combobox displays the wrong name (that still is a bug). Can you confirm ?

If you click the properties in the combobox, everything is fine, unless if you switch sources in the pipeline as you can see in this short video I made:

Also it is not possible to modify the item
convertIntoMoleculeDisplay.AtomicRadiusArrayName = ‘radius’
by Makrofile.

For the macro part, you should also specify

convertIntoMolecule1Display.AtomicRadiusType = 'Input Array'

For the reset problem, I opened an issue on the bug tracker :