CoProcessingPlugIn cannot be found in the list of ParaView plug-ins

Hi All,

I’ve installed ParaView 5.5 on CentOS 7 twice; once with building from the source code and the next time with downloading the binaries. In both cases, I cannot find CoProcessingPlugIn in the list of available local plug-ins (Tools -> Manage Plugins …). I’ve found in some ParaView resources (Catalyst User Guide) that this plug-in is available by default. But, why I cannot find and load this plug in. Any ideas?


Hi Hadi,

In 5.5.0 the functionality of the plugin was promoted to the Catalyst menu and the plugin was removed. The user guide will be updated to reflect that this summer.


Thanks Dave,

You are right. I just found this post in ParaView weblog:

Is there any early draft documentations somewhere to find out how to use the new features in ParaView 5.5?