Up-to-date guide for Catalyst?

As suggested by Nicolas Vuaille, I open a new thread for this question.

Several changes were made to Catalyst, including

These changes are documented e.g. here, but an updated user’s guide is still missing if I am not mistaken. On the other hand, according to

an updated guide is supposed to exist. Where can I find it?

I’ve been thinking a little about this as well this past week. There’s the generic Catalyst API which is also implemented in ParaView Catalyst. So I think the Catalyst API and this documentation, in its generic form seems like it is fairly informative. Inside of ParaView this is being called the ParaView Catalyst2 implementation, as opposed to the legacy ParaView Catalyst implementation. To be a bit clearer on this, ParaView Catalyst2 use the generic Catalyst API while ParaView legacy Catalyst uses the internal ParaView Catalyst API that predates the generic Catalyst API.

What’s lacking is an up-to-date ParaView Catalyst guide, specifically with the ParaView Catalyst2 details.

My reply is trying to be as specific as possible here because Catalyst in some ways is becoming a vague concept with recent developments and just saying Catalyst will likely confuse what is being discussed.

Thank you. I have already met the linked Catalyst API, but I did not see how it fits into the global picture. As you mentioned, the name “Catalyst” is vague, maybe writing a glossary would be useful so that newcomers can see which guide corresponds to what.

My initial comment was about older versions of ParaView, 3 years ago. It mentions a guide about the legacy catalyst. This guide was sadly not upgraded for the newer Catalyst2 usage, and it is indeed a lack of documentation …