Correct way to import LS-DYNA output files to ParaView?


I am trying to plot stresses obtained from the LS-DYNA analysis in ParaView.

When I open the d3plot output in ParaView, the load (time) steps are incorrectly read, and I cannot plot any output variables.

As I am new to ParaView, I was wondering if there is a “correct” way or format to load LS-DYNA output files in ParaView. I looked for the topic in the web and this forum but did not find anything particular.

Thank you.

Hello @nareshsubedi and welcome to this forum.

What is the extension of your file?
Could you please share your data?

Hi @Francois_Mazen,

Thank you for the reply. Turns out, the issue was related to my LS-DYNA output not ParaView. I was requesting output for incorrect number integration points for the solid elements in my LS-DYNA model.

With the correction, I am able to import the output files in ParaView without any issues.

Hey, are you able to extract LSDYNA strain results in paraview without any problem?

Hi Sundar,

For this particular case, I just needed normal stresses for plotting the results. Accordingly, the direct import of d3plot in ParaView worked just fine.

However, I couldn’t import principal stresses or any strain components to ParaView.

It would be nice to hear if anyone has a solution for importing strains or principal stresses to ParaView.