Could NOT find OpenMP_CXX: Found unsuitable version "2.0", but required is at least "4.0" (found -openmp)

Hi, I’ve been trying to build Paraview by following the guides here and here, however, I have run into some issues when attempting both ways. I’ve followed the Windows dependencies, having installed the appropriate versions of CMake, VS2017, ninja-build, the Microsoft MPI files, Python for Windows, and Qt 5.12.3 with the MSVC 2017 component installed, and the appropriate additions to the PATH environment variable.

I believe I have obtained the proper source, having cloned the repository using:

git clone --recursive

I then run the following in VS2017 x64 Native Tools Command Prompt:

cd C:\pv\pvb
After a while, I get a long string of syntax errors that I have attached to this post. Does anyone have any suggestions? I’ve tried building with VS2015 but also eventually run into these syntax errors which cause the build to fail.

I have Download and install both msmpisetup.exe and msmpisdk.msi from Microsoft MPI
why??? i need help

Hmm. It seems that VTK-m wants OpenMP 4.0 which is not available with MSVC 2017. I would suggest setting VTK_SMP_IMPLEMENTATION_TYPE to something other than OpenMP (which is what triggers this VTK-m logic. I would suggest TBB if you have it and StdThread otherwise if available. Sequential would be the final fallback option.

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