Could we prevent the pv., pvcs. and pvcrs. test from running simultaneously

Could we automatically prevent the pv., pvcs. and pvcrs.* tests from running simultaneously? For example, the SaveTSV test is currently forced to run in serial because it writes out a .tsv file and then reads it back in. If the pv., pvcs. and/or pvcrs versions are running simultaneously it is likely to corrupt the .tsv file for one of the tests and cause a failure but I think it’s a bit overkill to mark the test to be run in serial since every other test will not affect this test. There’s also the SaveTXT and SaveCSV test which should also be similarly marked but are not and probably others as well. If we did it automatically for these tests it would probably reduce false test failures due to test collisions like this while probably also decreasing the time for running all of the tests in parallel.


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It’s possible to set the RESOURCE_LOCK property on the tests that reuse the same paths. The ParaView testing macros don’t provide helpers for this, but nothing is wrong with calling set_tests_properties after creating the tests.

Ok – have an MR for it which is now merged into master.