Crash of *.vtk file if stored and reopened in ASCII

Create an arbitrary vtkPolyData object with some data stored in Field Data and store it with vtkPolyDataWriter in ASCII format. If you open it in paraview it crashes. If you store it in Binary format it works…

As an example open my enclosed color_000125.vtk which is stored binary. As you can see in paraview Spreadsheet view it has some field data arrays. Now store the dataset in paraview as ASCII vtk data and try to reload it, it will crashcolor_000125.vtk (17.8 KB)

What version and OS of ParaView? I am able to save to ASCII and load the file without a crash with 5.6 on macOS.

ok, maybe it is already fixed. We are using a quite old paraview 5.2.0-RC4 64-bit. Didn’t got time to update it yet… (because we are using some plugins and would have to update all our libs)

Windows, sry