Crash when loading json file from Karamba3d

Hi there,
I am currently using Paraview 5.10.1 on Mac. I would like to import the results of a simulation carried out with Karamba3d in Grasshopper to create different plots. Karamba3d spits out a .json file with the structure of the model, but Paraview crashes every time I try to load the file into it. Am I doing something completely wrong? File attached for trial. Thanks to anyone who can help!
Trial.json (3.9 MB)

Hi @Gabriele_Granello

.json is not a data format per se, it is more a way to format data into a file.

ParaView has only one reader for .json, the “FidesJSONReader”, your file is not as this fides format and ParaView is unable to read it. You may want to export to another format.

That being said, ParaView should error out instead of crashing. (@caitlin.ross )


Hi @mwestphal that makes a lot of sense, thanks for explaining it so clearly. I originally thought there was a standard format to pass geometry coordinates using Json, but that’s clearly not the case. Thanks for helping anyway!