Crash when 'Save animation'

Working with Windows 10, I installed ParaView-5.9.0-RC3-Windows-Python3.8-msvc2017-64bit.
I have generated 100 files in VTK format. The animation on the screen is fine.
When I want to save the animation, Paraview crashes. Paraview window remains open and ‘frozen’. No warnings or error messages.
Any idea ?
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Problem ‘solved’ but in a quite brutal way …
Delete the Paraview*.ini file in User/Name/Appdata/Roaming/Paraview …

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You didn’t keep a trace of your *ini file ? So maybe we can investigate ?

OK. Let me know what kind of information you need.
There is no error message in the dedicated Praview box. I can send you the .ini file but also the input files written in VTK/ASCII format. Let me know.
Thanks for your help,

At least .ini please, and data if they are not too big.