Crash when trying to volume render or clip unstructured grid data


I’m trying to visualize a cloud collapse using Paraview, the original data is generated by an SPH program and the output is transformed into a vtk unstructured grid format. This has worked well for previous simulation work (with higher resolution), however compared to the cloud collapse my previous work have not exhibited a large range of densities and thereby not a large range of different cell sizes. The cloud collapse simulation involves densities that range over several orders of magnitude.

Surface, wireframe, and point rendering works, however, trying to apply any clipping or changing to volume rendering for this simulation crashes Paraview. I have also tried to resample it to image file(within Paraview) but this also crashes Paraview. I can get it to work if I limit the box and remove the very high and low density regions. My knowledge about visualization techniques is quite limited, but I’m guessing that there might be some issue with using a large range of different cell sizes for the volume rendering? Is this just a memory issue? And if so, why can’t I clip or resample the data to an image file? The data files are not very large (around 200mb).

Delaunoy triangulation generated by qhull first from SPH point data and then turned into vtk format with the attached file delaunayVTK.cpp (3.9 KB) . I have also attached the crash log from my Mac crash.log (123.3 KB) . The same crashes occurs on my Windows machine aswell (i9 9900k, 16gb ram, Nvidia RTX 2090).

Please share your data so we can test with it.

Here is the full vtk datafile:

And a reduced version:

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